What is the New Stork Times?

NST CoversPublished 10 times annually since 1992, The New Stork Times magazine is the source of information for English speaking parents for what’s happening in the world of parenthood, with a focus on Switzerland.

Check out our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds as well for more information and goodness, all brought to you by The Stork!

Our information is useful for families with children of all ages. It is a great way for readers to learn about courses, practical information, businesses, products, schools, playgroups and happenings of interest in their local areas.

Who reads the New Stork Times?

The New Stork Times reaches thousands of English-speaking homes throughout Switzerland each month. They are primarily parents, many working for multi-national companies in Switzerland, some with their own businesses, others full-time parenting. We also reach many medical professionals, businesses, relocation agencies, schools and day care centres with each issue.

Many of the families are new arrivals in Switzerland and are unaware of childcare products and services available in their new host country. We want to help them find the information they need to lead a happy family life while living here.

Where Can I get the New Stork Times magazine?

You can either subscribe to the New Stork Times and order your subscription here or you can buy it at selected book stores such as the Orell Füssli English Bookshop in Zurich.

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